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Can you imagine .. within 2 seconds from 0 to 120km / h on a track slightly more than 40 meters? ..
These are the speeds and times in the top of the rc drag racing.

Rc Drag racing is a popular branch of the RC world in America, Australia and parts of Asia.

In Europe and the Netherlands, drag racing rc cars is less known. That is precisely the reason why we created Rcdragrace.com. The purpose of this website is to collect as much information as possible about drag racing with rc cars on 1 spot.

Rc dragrace.com is the starting point for every RC enthusiast in Europe who wants to be drag racing. On our site you'll find information on almost all facets of drag racing rc cars.

You will find an English version of the international rules of the IMDRA, construction tips, explanations about motors, speed controllers (ESC), transmissions and much more to start building a dragster.

We also provide information to make the right choice if you want to buy a kit and give many examples and links to various international rc drag race shops that can supply parts. Of course there also is a "dragster gallery" with pictures of rc dragsters.
Look around on our site to read into the world of RC Dragrace.com

Do you know rc and do you have additional information or explanation for one of the subjects that we explain about,.. email us via this website and let us know.

Rc drag race,.. the 2 second race.

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