RC drag race models

Rc drag racers come in all kinds. There are super beautiful cars, converted to street racers and cars built specifically for drag racing that resemble in nothing to cars you see in the daily traffic.

On this page you will find an overview of what is exactly what, what it looks like and within witch specifications it must meet, within the rules of the RC drag racing.

Below you will find a list of the various models with their specific properties:

Click on the model and you will go directly to the description.

Pro stock, Pro mod, Funny car, Top fuel dragster, Hot rod

Pro stock

Pro stock rc dragster
Credits RJ Speed

A Pro Stock dragster is basically a standard car modified for drag racing. One can modify to pro stock with all types of cars. Some models, such as terrain cars, are sometimes less suitable to be converted into a dragster.

Bracket class / Entry class
Every vehicle / engine combination allowed;
Vehicle must have brakes;
Participant has a target time to submit;
Starting is via a Pro .400 tree light tree.

Equipped with brushed motor:

Each full body provided coupe, roadster, sedan or sports car with a "Pro Style" hood, blower or other similar bonnet. Rear spoiler and / or "wing" allowed for roadsters but not exceeding 12.7 cm measured from the ground to the top. Vehicles with a full body may not have wings above the roofline.

Equipped with brushless motor and lipo batteries

Pro mod

Pro mod rc dragster

Credit REA

A pro mod dragster is a car, specially built for drag racing, that sometimes resembles an existing model but actually all forms are possible.
Technically a Pro Mod dragster must meet the following requirements:

Only cars and pick up bodies allowed. Rear Spoilers allowed no more than 6.35 cm in length. Side panels of spoilers allowed 2.54 cm. Spoiler may be mounted in / at the location of the boot lid. All vehicles with spoiler higher than the roof of the body must also have a blower hood or at lest increase the hood.

Funny car

Rc Funny car
Credit Traxxas

A RC funny car, is a car specially built for drag racing. The most recognizable feature is seldom clearly longer than a normal car. A funny car consists of not much more then a long chassis, large rear wheels, small front wheels, a cockpit and a big engine. The body often opens at the front by means of a hinge point at the rear.

Technically, a RC funny car has the same requirements as a "Pro Mod"

Top fuel dragster

Rc top fuel dragster
Credit RC devil

A top fuel dragster is a car, specially built for drag racing, that is clearly longer than a normal car. They are identified by a long slender nose with very small front wheels and a clearly wider rear with large wide tires. Many top fuel dragsters have a large raised wing. This type belongs to the fastest dragster category in drag racing.

Technically, a top fuel dragster RC has to meet the following requirements:

Each 1:10 scale body allowed. Body must be scaled in progress.

Hot rod

Rc Hot rod dragster
Credit Ansmann

A Hot Rod is basically the "Pro Stock class". It is the only type that should not be mandatory with fenders. This is evidenced by the following quote from the contest rules:

"Wheels only be behind the body or fenders on a classical model like an old coupe, roadster or hot rod."

Hot rod `s can be in the" Pro Mod "class. Depending on the desired class they must meet the specifications of that class.

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